Why Plastic Chair is More Preferable Than Any Other Chair?

With the mounting threats of climate change, we have a huge responsibility to make wise decisions in our daily life. According to a report around 6 billion trees are being felled around the arena to fulfill our diverse desires, out of which 10% are used for making furniture. To protect the environment, we need not only to cut down on air conditioners, use water more conservatively, and choose public transport over private, but we also need to change the way we see the furniture. Gone are the days, when heavy and bulky furniture is considered to be a part of life. Now, it is high time to move to a cheaper alternative that is convenient for you and the environment you live in. With the impressive selection of furniture on the market these days, it’s no surprise that plastic, usually in the form of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, has found its way into the furniture industry. Sure enough, there is a lot of plastic furniture available on the market today, from chairs to shelves!

Plastic chairs find their presence in every office and home. With a wide range of designs and varieties, they could suit all decorating styles. Many plastic pieces of furniture are made from recycled plastic, when you’re done using it, it can be recycled again. This means that buying plastic furniture contributes little to your carbon footprint and also reduces the number of trees fell for wood furniture. But like any other type of material, plastic chairs also have their advantages and disadvantages:

The Advantages of Using Plastic Chairs

Affordable but elegant: Plastic furniture is cheaper than other materials such as wood and metal. In addition to being economical, it is also comfortable and elegant enough to suit all types of interiors. If you are looking for chairs at an affordable price, you can opt for plastic chairs.

1.      Long-lasting

Since plastic is mostly lightweight, it won’t do much damage if dropped. While wooden furniture can break easily and is prone to damage and defects. Compared to wooden furniture, plastic chairs and tables do not need to be polished to prevent rust or atmospheric agents.

2.      Maintenance-free

They are almost maintenance-free. The plastic does not need painting and does not rust either. Therefore, you will not have to pay more money in the future for any kind of plastic furniture maintenance. You just have to bring the furniture to your home and assemble it however you want.

3.      Waterproof and safe

It comes in a variety of colors on the market. They are mostly waterproof or durable and one of the best options to use in the rain. They are very safe for children because they have no sharp edges or corners.

4.      Easy to Assemble

Since plastic is light weighted, and won’t break down easily during shipping, you can also assemble the parts of plastic chairs at home. You do not need a truck or a vehicle to bring the plastic chair home. Since it comes in separate pieces you can easily carry them and assemble them on your own.

There is no doubt that plastic furniture is the need of the moment when we have become more sensitive to our nature. While furniture developed with other materials such as metal or wood requires maintenance and is also very expensive. Despite some minor drawbacks, the plastic chair is still a favorite in almost every workplace and home.