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Our Journey

The company was founded twenty years ago by Mr. Narayan Das Tayal, a mechanical engineer with the zeal to make its customers feel like their best selves by providing affordable and comfortable ergonomic chair parts. To him, knowledge is crucial for building caring, compassionate, cooperative societies, successful businesses, and the individual pursuit of pleasure. 

His passion keeps the company driving on the uphill of development. “2002” was the year when he foresaw the growth of India’s labor force and decided to use all the knowledge and experience he gained in his job to launch a manufacturing company that would supply ergonomic chair parts to major furniture exporters.

GENESIS OF BRAND ND: How it all began

“Everyone has some story to inspire. In my case, it is my friend’s pain and agony.” – Mr. Narayan Dass (Founder & MD)

Watching his friend in deep agony with severe back pain and leg problems was a defining moment for Mr. Das, the Founder of this company. The day-long sitting hours on an inappropriate chair and the uncomfortable sitting position gave him severe back and leg pain. Witnessing his rehabilitation back to everyday life without pain, Mr. Das committed himself to the cause of making the workforce in India comfortable and pain-free. 

Thus began his journey to manufacture high-quality, ergonomic, and economical working chair parts. 

Today, his life’s calling is to make comfortable and ergonomic working chairs accessible to India’s millions of people in the workforce, who spend the most significant chunk of their day at work at the lowest price possible.


Since its inception in 2002, the company has grown to become a sustainable, recognized, and leading company specializing in crafting exceptionally innovative furniture parts.


Set up in India, the company has world-class machinery and specialists designing manufacturing products that meet customer requirements, pioneering research, and innovation in the furniture industry. We are known to meet all the specific needs of clients. We have set our benchmark high, and every day, we strive to beat it and make it higher.


Incepted with a motto of sheer customer satisfaction and comfort, we learn, grow and deliver better with each new day. ND Chair Parts is “proudly Indian” and takes pride in procuring and manufacturing products locally and employing skilled Indian workforce. Our success depends on our extensive infrastructure, quality monitoring unit, research & development facility, diligent workforce, extended distribution network and happy customers.


With the perfect combination of contemporary, traditional and the latest technology, our mission is to provide premium furniture with precise manufacturing and unmatchable service to all. In addition, we strive to expand our organization to the next possible level by making our range and products better and more with customer satisfaction reaching ever than before.


A significant market value has been achieved by the company, as it caters to the needs of various industries throughout the country. Having been led by talented minds, the company aims to expand its wings around the world under the guidance of talented individuals. It is our goal to expand our company nationally and globally by 2030 and reach 1000 crores in revenue.


Currently, we aim to enter the International market after catering to the needs of the B2B market. The company’s experts are working day and night to achieve their goals. A B2B mobile app will be launched by April 2023, which will be the first of its kind.